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We work with you to create the best strategy, to write the correct script and to choose the right video style to tell YOUR story.  Once we produce a successful video, we support and educate you with uploading the videos to the right platforms to which you can fully maximize your marketing and adverting efforts with a clear message.




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Louise Summey

Owner and Producer,  Louise is also the creative director, producer, chief motivator at Ellie Productions. 


"Once Upon a Time, my dog and my favorite characters on TV were my best friends. You see, I grew up on a dairy farm in rural PA.  As the youngest of 6 girls, my home was a busy place as it was lonely at times. I developed a colossal imagination as I thought TV and the whole environment surrounding it was so beautiful and glamorous and my fantasy was to be a part of that World, but living on a farm, that dream seemed unattainable.
Moving forward in 2008, far removed from the farm and now married with two sons, I owned a decorative painting business that started to struggle due to the economic downturn. I was at a crossroads in my life, and I knew I needed to make a change.  The kids were growing into adulthood, and I was thinking “what am I going to next?”, I remembered the night so clearly that I chose to make that change.  My kids and my adorable husband encouraged me to CHANGE IT!  The encouragement words caught me off guard and I remember a statement from my son Aaron, “Don’t talk about it-BE ABOUT IT!”

And, I did it! I was accepted at the local College for the Graphic Design Degree. Once there, I found out there was a video production program as well, and guess what? I continued with that program where I could learn about the wonderful World of video productions, my once upon a time beautiful and glamorous World! Once I got started, I found out that I was really good at producing videos.  I had great ideas and could develop great projects with my team. I was good at producing which led me to win the Producer of the Year Award!!! And I also won the Leadership Award for the Curriculum Department. I found out my dream was attainable.  I have now been in business for myself producing videos since 2010."



Our team makes your videos come to life!  We work with our clients from planning strategy all the way to uploading your videos to the right social platforms.  Ellie Productions consists of Project Managers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Editors, Voice over artist, After Effects editors, copywriters, and other talents as needed to fulfill each project in its unique way.